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Despite following a regular diet and engaging in an exercise program, it can be difficult to obtain the contour or shape that you want. Genetics plays a strong role in the shape of your body, and while you can fight against your DNA, chances are you won’t win without some outside help.

If you’re looking to obtain a fuller, perkier butt, squats and deadlifts can only go so far before you need to look for procedures to help you obtain the appearance you desire.

A Brazilian butt lift is a popular cosmetic treatment that uses your own fat to enhance your backside’s appearance. This combination of liposuction and injections enhances the size of the buttocks to create an hourglass shape.

To obtain the fat used to increase and contour the butt, doctors use liposuction to obtain unwanted fat from other parts of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, or back. Then, this fat is injected into the buttocks to lift and enhance their shape.


What Are the Benefits of a BBL?

There are several benefits to undergoing BBL surgery. A few include:

Increase the Size of the Butt

Not everyone is born with a naturally round backside. Many people have thin or flat butts, which makes it hard to find flattering jeans or pants to wear.

If you’re a naturally thin person, the size of your butt may bother you. While strength training and exercise can help enhance your backside, your genetics can limit the size that you can achieve. Undergoing BBL surgery can help you obtain the look you want.

Immediate Results

The results from a BBL are 100% immediate. Following the surgery, your butt will be enhanced to the proportions that you are looking for. This is quite different from spending weeks and months at the gym, which may result in only a small increase in the size of your backside.

Natural Appearance

A Brazilian butt lift provides natural results. The procedure uses your own body fat rather than implants or artificial substances. Once your body has healed from a BBL, you’ll be able to return to your regular activities and exercise program to further obtain the shape you are seeking to achieve.

Reduces Fat in Other Areas

Since a BBL uses liposuction to obtain the fat necessary to inject into your backside, you’ll be able to target fat pockets that have appeared in other areas that don’t respond to exercise. Liposuction can lead to better body contouring.

For example, if you have love handles that you can’t seem to get rid of, the liposuction part of the BBL treatment can reduce them to give you a more contoured appearance.

Increase Confidence

A BBL can be a tremendous confidence boost, especially for those who are seeking an all-over contoured, hourglass shape. Results are natural-looking, and most people who undergo the procedure find that they can choose from a wider selection of clothing that fits well. This is a significant bonus to the BBL surgery.


What Happens During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you’re considering a Brazilian butt lift, it’s important to schedule a consultation at Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando, FL, with one of our skilled and experienced doctors. During the consultation, you can describe what you are seeking to achieve by undergoing BBL surgery, as well as any concerns you may have.

We will ask you for your full medical history as well as a list of any medications that you are taking to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. We’ll also examine your body to determine the best places to remove the fat that will be used to enhance the shape of your backside.

The first step of the BBL procedure involves removing fat from your body through the use of liposuction. As your fat is removed, it will be stored in tubes that will be later used for the injections into your butt. Once enough fat is retrieved, the liposuction procedure will end.

You should expect to take a few weeks off from regular activity immediately following your treatment.

Results from a BBL surgery are intended to be permanent. However, if you have significant fluctuations in your weight, the results may change over time. It’s best to follow a regular diet and exercise program for optimal, long-lasting results.

At Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando, FL, we offer Brazilian butt lift surgery. To learn more about Brazilian butt lift surgery and determine whether it is a good fit for you, reach out to our office to schedule a consultation today.

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