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Plastic Surgeon in Orlando, FL

Looking for an experienced plastic surgeon that specializes in a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, such as Juvederm, Eyelid Surgery, and more in Orlando, FL? Vanitas Medical Group has a qualified plastic surgeon that can help you achieve your esthetic goals. Call us today for more information or schedule an appointment online with us at Vanitas Medical Group.

Plastic Surgeon in Orlando, FL

What are your esthetic goals? What can we do to help you achieve those goals here at Vanitas Medical Group? These are the two big questions we’ll ask you during a consultation with us here at our clinic. We’ll also tell you about the many different services we offer and answer all of your questions about them. Today, we can answer some of the most common questions we get about our services and our provider, so let’s get right into it. Here’s what you’ll want to know about our services at Vanitas Medical Group and our plastic surgeon in Orlando, FL.

What services do you provide at our clinic? What should I know about them?

At Vanitas Medical Group, we get many patients looking for basic services like microdermabrasion or more significant services like tummy tucks, and we can provide anything on the spectrum. Some of the most popular services we provide at Vanitas Medical Group include:

Many of these services, like Botox, other injectables, and microdermabrasion, are only minimally invasive and provide lasting results. For patients looking for indefinite and more permanent results, other options like facelifts work very well. Like with any kind of surgical procedure, there are some risks involved with these permanent procedures, but our surgeon will explain them to you during a consultation.

Who is your plastic surgeon in Orlando, FL? What should I know about your surgeons?

Here at Vanitas Medical Group, our surgeons are Dr. Ehrentraud Eichelbaum MD and Dr. Jose Rivas MD. We’re happy to tell you about them, and you’ll be happy to meet them during a consultation with us here at our clinic!

Dr. Eichelbaum has performed over 5000 general and plastic surgery procedures over the last 20 years. She believes in having an extensive consultation with each of her patients to fully understand both the vision and the goal of the patient. You can expect her to be very careful about understanding precisely what you need from her and her services. With Dr. Rivas, you’re getting a professional who has performed over 3000 cosmetic procedures, most of which have been liposuction procedures, so he is especially qualified to perform this for a patient. One of his priorities is connecting with patients on a personal level so he can better understand their cosmetic hopes and wishes.

You can read more about the doctors on our Meet the Doctors page. Either Dr. Ehrentraud or Dr. Rivas is more than capable of performing your procedure, and they’re looking forward to telling you more about the procedure during a consultation here at Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando, FL.

How do I make a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Orlando, FL?

With Vanitas Medical Group, making a consultation with either of our doctors is easy: just call us or book an appointment with us online. During your appointment, one of the doctors will look at your medical history and ask you about your esthetic goals and what he or she can do to help you reach them. All of your questions and concerns will be addressed so you can make a fully informed, confident decision about whether to proceed. And if you decide to get a procedure done with us, you can be sure you’ll be in good, capable hands with either Dr. Ehrentraud or Dr. Rivas here at Vanitas Medical Group. Call us today to get started!

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