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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Orlando FL?

You may need breast augmentation for plenty of reasons besides just the cosmetic ones. At Vanitas Medical Group, we accommodate all those who want breast augmentation at affordable rates!  


How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Orlando FL?

What do I need to know about breast augmentation?

Whether your reason for wanting an augmentation is a cosmetic one or a medical one, the procedure can make a major difference. Some of the reasons women get breast augmentations are to balance body proportions, enhance breast size, restore their breasts after a mastectomy, or to restore the breasts’ volume after pregnancy.

You may have another reason for wanting an augmentation, and no matter what it is, we should be able to help you here at our clinic. To determine whether you’d be a good candidate for an augmentation, it’s necessary to have a consultation with us. Generally, the procedure is only recommended for patients who are at least 20 years old and who are free from significant health issues.

Both of the options for a breast augmentation—silicone implants and saline implants—have been approved by the FDA and have been proven for many years since then. You can be confident that either procedure will work for you and be very safe, especially since the procedures at Vanitas Medical Group are done by true professionals. Our surgeons are Dr. Ehrentraud Eichelbaum MD and Dr. Jose Rivas MD, and you can read all about them on our Meet the Doctors page.

So how expensive is breast augmentation?

The level of expertise required to do a breast augmentation is high, as it is a surgical procedure. This level of expertise is reflected in the cost of the procedure, but because augmentations have been done for so many years now and have been perfected over the years, they’ve become very efficient and affordable. Today in Orlando, the average price of a cosmetic augmentation is around $5,500, but this varies depending on the provider of the procedure as well as a patient’s particular needs. With Vanitas Medical Group, during a consultation with us, you can be sure that we’ll listen to your needs and offer you a personalized quote. Additionally, your procedure may be covered by insurance, and this is something we can look into for you.

Are breast augmentations covered by insurance?

This is a good question, and the answer is that it can depend on why a patient is getting an augmentation in the first place. If the reason is a cosmetic one, then it’s unlikely that an insurer will cover the cost. However, if the reason is a medical one, then an insurer may cover the procedure. For instance, if a patient had a mastectomy done and wants an augmentation, the procedure will likely be covered by insurance. Also, breast reductions can be covered by insurance too. Of course, all this depends on the particular healthcare provider. Please contact us at Vanitas Medical Group to learn more about our pricing and whether your procedure would be covered with us.

To learn more or to book your consultation with us at Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando, call us or book your appointment with us online. During your consultation, we’ll ask you about your esthetic and/or medical needs and help you make an educated decision about how to proceed. When you come in for your consultation, you’ll find our clinic located at 9938 Universal Blvd. Suite #102 Orlando, FL 32819.

Call us today for that consultation with us, and we’ll help you take the first step toward a better or healthier look for yourself!

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