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Facelift in Orlando, FL

At Vanitas Medical Group, our experienced plastic surgeons offer Facelift procedure for patients looking to rejuvenate their facial appearance and create a more youthful look. To book a Facelift consultation, please call at (404) 777-0539 or request an appointment online.

Facelift in Orlando, FL

We cannot avoid aging, and can be very noticeable in the skin of your face. Some of the signs are sagging skin of the face and jaw, also loss of neckline definition, these are some characteristics that can develop with the passing of time. If you wish you want to give your skin a younger and healthier appearance, a great solution to this problem is a facelift, also known as (rhytidectomy). This procedure can help substantially lessen the appearance of aging in your face improving your overall appearance.

A person might want to consider a facelift when the youthful contour in the face had taken a toll due to aging, weight loss or when non-surgical rejuvenation treatments are not delivering the desire results. Individuals who want to address these signs of aging may choose to undergo facelift surgery to conceal age and restore youth.

Good candidates for facelift:

  • You have deep lines and wrinkles in the face and neck.

  • You have loose, sagging skin in the cheeks and jawline.

  • You have deep folds in the creases between your nose and mouth.

  • You have realistic expectations.

  • Jowls caused by muscle tone loss

  • Loose skin and fat deposits that cause the appearance of a double chin

  • General loose or sagging skin in the face due to age

  • Loose or sagging skin due to weight loss

Approach to a Surgical Facelift

  1. The incisions are made at the site where your skin will be stretched. The incisions are usually placed in the hairline, within the natural crease between the ear and face. The incision then continues around in front of the earlobe. At the top of the ear it curves back into the hairline. Some incisions extend into the temple hair above the ear and curves slightly forward.
  2. The skin is then “lifted,” and carefully cut beneath the fat.
  3. The tissue is then stitched behind the ear, and any existing fat is removed to give a sleek and clean look.
  4. Some wrinkles may also be removed by gently smoothing the skin back toward the ears.

What a facelift won’t do
As a restorative surgery, a facelift does not change your fundamental appearance and cannot stop the aging process.
Stopping the aging process isn’t realistic, but you can certainly fight it and achieve the more youthful appearance you desire with a facelift procedure at Vanitas.

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