Vanitas Medical Group

Dr. Ehrentraud

Eichelbaum, MD

Meet Dr. Ehrentraud Eichelbaum, MD

Known for her special medical skills in surgical and aesthetic procedures, Dr.Ehrentraud Eichelbaum is the doctor you can trust if you want any surgical procedures to enhance the overall physical appearance of your body.

Dr. Eichelbaum is a native of Venezuela and the wife of our Dr. Jose Rivas. She has received her medical surgeon education from the prestigious Luis Razetti School of Medicine at the University of Central Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela from 1980-1988. She underwent her plastic and reconstructive surgical training at Carlos J. Bello Hospital from 1995-1998 and Instituto Diagnostico Hospital from 1998-2002. Dr. Eichelbaum has performed over 5000 general and plastic surgery procedures over the past 20 years helping patients look and feel their best.

Dr. Eichelbaum is known for combining advanced medical skills and training not only for her medical patients but for also those seeking to improve something about their appearance. Her signature is to conduct extensive consultations before proceeding any surgical or aesthetic procedure in order to really understand the vision and goal of each patient has regarding their cosmetic decision. Dr. Eichelbaum specializes in the latest techniques for procedures such as: breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facelift, eyelids, lipo body sculpting and buttock augmentation among other minor aesthetics procedures such as lip augmentation, Botox, plasma and dermal fillers.