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Calf Implants (Augmentation) in Orlando, FL

At Vanitas Medical Group, our experienced plastic surgeons offer calf augmentation procedure for patients wanting fuller and more define legs. To book a Calf Implant (Augmentation) consultation, please call us or request an appointment online.

Calf Implants (Augmentation) in Orlando, FL

If you are displeased with the size of your calves and are looking to add bulk and definition for a more proportionate and sexier look, calf implants may be the answer. Calf augmentation can dramatically improve the appearance of your legs and your entire body as well.

What Are Calf Implants (Augmentation)?

Calf augmentation utilizes a FDA approved silicone implant to produce the desire increase in volume and shape of the lower extremity. A common method during this procedure is to place the implant through a small incision behind the knee. The implant is positioned into a pocket surgically created in your calf muscle. The incision will be close with sutures. After surgery, the implant will become enclosed by your own scar tissue helping the device stay in place for years.

Calf augmentation procedure is done under general anesthesia. Surgery usually takes one to two hours and patient is discharge on the same day.

What Are the Benefits of Calf Implants (Augmentation)?

  • To emphasize the bulk of the calf muscle (usually men)
  • Get rid of unattractive asymmetry between legs
  • Help with the reduced muscle volume secondary to certain health conditions

After calf augmentation patients report being very pleased with the results, helping them with their overall self-confidence to wear clothes such as shorts and swimsuits.

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