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What Are the Benefits of Plastic Surgery?

There are so many benefits of a plastic surgery ranging from increase in confidence to increased self-esteem! At Vanitas Medical Care, we care about you and the way you feel about your body and looks. We provide plastic surgery at Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando. For more information, please call us or schedule an online appointment with us. 

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Surgery?

So what are the benefits of plastic surgery?

The benefits of plastic surgery vary from patient to patient. For example, a patient might want a procedure done for purely cosmetic reasons, while another patient may want a procedure after a mastectomy. Regardless of your reason for wanting a procedure, we can accommodate you and help you here at Vanitas Medical Group.

Today, the price of plastic surgery is more affordable for more people. Gone are the days of only the wealthiest people being able to afford a procedure. And to help with the cost of a procedure, many providers offer financing options and many healthcare providers can cover procedures if they’re done for medical reasons.

In addition to affordability, another reason to consider plastic surgery is that the techniques and instruments used have become safer over the years and more reliable. But there are other benefits of getting plastic surgery too, like even some health benefits. For instance, a breast reduction can give a woman relief from disc or back problems. Or if a patient recently had weight-loss surgery, plastic surgery can help him or her shed extra skin that can actually cause rashes and infections.

Aside from the physical benefits, there can also be a psychological benefit of getting plastic surgery. Some patients may be able to look more like they feel and improve their self-esteem. An example of this could be a woman getting a breast augmentation done after pregnancy to restore her breasts’ natural volume.

Should I get plastic surgery?

This is a question you and a surgeon can answer together in a simple consultation. You’ll be able to evaluate the benefits of plastic surgery and compare them to any reasons not to have a procedure done. If you believe a procedure will benefit you in one of the ways we listed above, then that could be a very valid reason to proceed with a procedure.

You could be a good candidate for a plastic surgery procedure so long as you’re healthy. There may be other criteria too, which is why it’s important to have a consultation with a proper professional. Here at Vanitas Medical Group, our surgeons are Dr. Ehrentraud Eichelbaum MD and Dr. Jose Rivas MD. Consider reading about them on our Meet the Doctors page so you can learn about their qualifications and capabilities. You can be sure they’re very capable of performing your procedure, as they have performed thousands of other procedures for satisfied patients.

You can be just as sure about how safe these procedures are, as procedures like breast augmentations are entirely approved by the FDA. Some of the other procedures our surgeons can provide include facial implants, tummy tucks, brazilian butt lifts, lip augmentations, eyelid corrections, facelifts, and liposuction.

Do you offer plastic surgery near me?

Yes, we do! Vanitas Medical Group is located over at 9938 Universal Blvd. Suite #102 Orlando, FL 32819. We can provide any procedure you need, and the first step is to have a simple consultation with us. Call us today or book your appointment online. During your consultation with us, we’ll discuss your medical and/or esthetic needs and help you make a decision about how to proceed. Take your first step by contacting us today. We look forward to hearing from and helping you soon!

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